FIRENZE SU MISURA: Craft, Fashion & Food Shopping Guide

FIRENZE SU MISURA: Craft, Fashion & Food Shopping Guide

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Book series dedicated to Craft, Fashion and Food; an accurate selection of the best points of sales in Florence.

Craft shopping guide
Guide in two languages ​​(Italian and English) dedicated to the great and precious craftsmanship in Florence. Seventy carefully selected shops and workshops which made the city's history. A handbook divided into seven if macro-categories (jewellery and metals, fashion, cosmetics, leather, glass, sculpture and restoration, decor). Map included.

Fashion shopping guide
The city that was the birthplace of Italian fashion and the most important in the landscape of haute couture fashion house, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci Stefano Ricci, is always a point of reference and a popular destination for international shopping. Firenze su misura. Fashion Shopping Guide - the second piece of the successful series published by Gruppo Editoriale - a leader in two languages ​(Italian and English) dedicated to the places of the city in style. A journey through 140 stores hyper selected, divided into four broad categories: fashion, jewel, design and beauty. Map inlcuded.

Food shopping guide
Food Shopping Guide is the third piece of the series of successful guides about Florence, after Crafts and Fashion. A guide in two languages ​​(Italian and English) dedicated to places of taste in Florence. 123 top stores in the city, including delis, street food, butchers, bakeries, pastry shops, pubs, wine shops and food markets, design the secret ways of food culture in Florence. Map included.

3 volumes: 320 pages each
size: 4.9x75 in each
bound paperback
wright: 360 gr. each

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